Top 6 Best Cat Insurance Companies

by Apr 21, 2022Insurance

For many of us, our pets are very precious to us. In many cases, they are like family members. As pet owners, we surely would like to take the best care of them when needed. To ensure that they are taken the best care of, pet insurance can play a vital role. Before we get into further details, let us look at some of the top pet insurance companies you can buy your pet insurance from. It will become necessary if you are seeking cat insurance plans or, for that matter, any pet insurance plans.

Top 6 Cat Insurance Companies - How To Pick The Best One?

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top 6 cat insurance companies

1) Pets Best​

Pets Best cat insurance company

Pets Best is a pet insurance company founded way back in 2005. Ever since its inception, it has been a leader in the field. The company offers insurance for pet dogs and cats. These are mainly dog and cat insurance plans that cover illnesses and injuries from accidents and so on. Apart from this, you can avail of wellness add-ons. Once you avail of wellness add-ons, you can get them at subsidized rates. 

One of the best things about Pet Best pet insurance is you can have them customized to suit your specific needs. You can choose the pet insurance policy that best suits your pet insurance coverage needs based on your budget. Here, you can select the reimbursement benefit limits on an annual basis.

The other benefit here with Pets Best is they do not set limits on the enrolment age of pets. So, if you are looking for cat insurance plans for your senior cat, it will not be a problem.

Pets Bets has various Insurance plans to cover pet cats and dogs. The best thing about the plans is that they are highly customizable based on specific needs and budgets. 

Everything put together in the pet insurance plans of Pets Best is worth considering. One point worth noting regarding the annual benefits of the pet insurance plans is that they are $5000 or unlimited. So, before taking a final call on the pet insurance plan you select for your pet, you need to go through the pet insurance policies they offer.

2) Toto

The next best pet insurance company in our top six list is Toto. It was founded in the year 2018. However, a new entrant in the field, Toto as a pet insurance company, has become very popular quickly. The company offers pet insurance for both accident and illness coverage for pet dogs. 

If you are looking for the best pet insurance plans, you will be happy to know the pet insurance policies they have are highly customizable. These pet insurance policies of Toto are very flexible in terms of deductible, reimbursement, and even the pay-out limit options. 

The Toto team is committed to providing you with the best care possible. The pet insurance plans include coverage for necropsies (autopsies) and cremation. They offer Final Respect Coverage-an optional add-on that reimburses up to $300 in costs. The costs are associated with having your pet undergo this procedure at no extra charge! 

It is indeed a unique benefit of Toto’s pet insurance plans, worth noting. Other companies don’t provide these services, so it’s nice knowing there are still options available when complications arise. You must consider these points before deciding.

However, one critical thing you need to keep in mind while availing of Toto pet insurance policies is that they do not permit the transfer of the pet insurance plan if the pet ownership changes. It is undoubtedly a drawback of the policies offered by them. Apart from this, though, you as a pet owner stand to gain a lot from the pet insurance policies offered by Toto. 

3) Figo​

Figo is the next best pet insurance company in our top six list. It offers some of the best pet dog and cat insurance plans. The company was founded in the year 2013.

To be specific, it offers three pet insurance plans. The pricing and the coverage depend on the deductible limit you set as the policyholder. Here you can avail up to $5000 in annual benefits from the policy you avail with them. The pet insurance plans here are mainly for illnesses and injuries from accidents. Along with them, you can also avail of some wellness add-ons. These can help the pet owner to cover vaccinations as well. 

But you need to note that this pet insurance company does not cover pre-existing conditions. Your pet will be eligible for insurance coverage only if it has not developed any symptoms of illness in the past 12 months from the date the pet insurance plan is to be availed. 

Another thing worth noting with Figo is the cat insurance plans cost higher at about $23.40 per month. Compared to this, the dog pet insurance cover can be availed at a lower cost of $ 22.15. It benefits you as a dog owner and not as a cat owner. But, in either case, the pet insurance premiums are pretty affordable. Despite some minor drawbacks, the pet insurance policies offered by Figo are one of the best you have in the industry, making this company very popular indeed. 

4) Nationwide

nationwide cat insurance plans

Nationwide has been providing consumers with insurance coverage for decades. They are a pet insurance company committed to helping you find the right plan that will suit your pet insurance coverage needs. Whether you seek pet insurance coverage for medical emergencies or one that covers, they have both. They also offer a combination of both. 

You can also choose customized plans to suit your specific pet insurance coverage needs Nationwide. Nationwide you might be aware, has a track record of providing insurance and investment options over decades. 

If your pet cat is predisposed to certain hereditary conditions, you can avail of their cat insurance pet plans. These cover specific hereditary medical conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia.  

The whole pet wellness plans include coverage for injuries from accidents and illness. Not only is Nationwide one of the oldest pet insurance companies, they are also one of the best, which in no way can be ignored when you choose pet insurance plans.

5) Trusted Pals

trustedpals cat insurance plans

The next on our list of the top Pet insurance companies is Trusted Pals. 

Trusted Pals offers an insurance plan for your pet that covers expenses related to accidents and illnesses. Some of the things covered under this comprehensive policy include:

an unfortunate event such as a broken bone or toxic ingestion could lead you into panic mode. But, with Trusted Pals on hand, you can be sure they will take care of it! They provide pet insurance coverage for veterinary services like surgery if necessary.

The diagnosis can sometimes involve testing at no extra cost alongside supplies needed during treatment like bandages. All these can be availed in the pet insurance plans that they offer. 

Along with the comprehensive pet insurance plans, you can also avail yourself of the wellness insurance plans from Trusted Pals. Under these cat insurance plans, you can avail yourself of the annual wellness exams, vaccinations, prescription pet food, etc. You need to reimburse up to $750 per annum. It is towards the coverage of routine care expenses for your pet.

If you check, you will find that Trusted Pals is one of the leaders of pet insurance plan providers. 

6) Healthy Paws

healthypaws cat insurance company

The final pet insurance company in our list of the top six is Healthy Paws. It was founded and got started way back in 2009. Ever since its inception, it has gained from strength to strength in pet insurance. If you are looking for a single plan for dogs or cat insurance plans, they have it. The pet insurance plans cover treatments for accidents, illnesses, and injuries. They also cover breed-specific conditions. With their pet insurance policies, you can also use emergency care and cancer care. 

What is also great about the pet insurance policies they offer is there is no limitation or caps on the pet insurance coverage. With the pet insurance plans, you also avail of alternative treatments like acupuncture or even chiropractic treatments. 

However, some of the drawbacks with the pet insurance company are that they do not have pet insurance plans for wellness coverage, and you can not have multi-pet discounts.

Despite the drawbacks, the pet insurance plans of Healthy Paws are top-rated. If you are looking to avail of the best cat insurance plans or other pet insurance plans, you can consider them. 

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pets might sometimes fall sick. They may at times require unique medical treatments. These are sometimes very expensive, and paying for them might become a challenge for you. It is a cause of concern, as costs of health care across the board are rising steadily. Pet healthcare costs are no exception. If you, too, are worried about how to take care of such pet treatment needs, pet insurance can come to your rescue. Much like human health insurance coverage, pet insurance safeguards pet owners if there is a need for unexpected veterinary treatment costs.  

Why Do You Need Insurance For Cats?

If you want to avail of cat insurance, you have to pay the premiums. You might wonder whether it is worth paying for the same. It is indeed worth it. 

According to experts, it is seen that one in every three pets requires some form of emergency treatment at some time in their lives. It is because of this you avail of pet insurance.

If you want your pet enrolled for the cat insurance, you should have it done early. It would be best to do this when your pet is free from any medical condition. In that case, many pet companies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

The Cost Of Cat Insurance

If you seek pet insurance and are on the lookout for cat insurance plans, first and foremost, you will want to know how much they cost.

If you are looking for cat insurance plans, an average monthly premium can be around $ 28.48 for an illness policy. However, you must note pet insurance premiums vary broadly. It is on account of various factors. These can depend on your location. Apart from these, other factors include the pet’s breed, age, prior health history, etc.

On the other hand, for an accident policy, the figure can be about $11.13. 

However, other factors, as already mentioned, like the pet’s age, breed, and health condition, too play a significant role in determining the cost of the pet insurance premium.

Different Types Of Cat Insurance Plans

To choose the right pet insurance plans for your pet, the next thing you must know about is the different types of pet insurance coverage you can avail of for your pet.

Wellness or preventive care

These are the pet insurance plans which provide wellness coverage. In other words, wellness insurance coverage is a plan wherein you get reimbursements for different routine and preventive care expenses. These are aimed at keeping the pet healthy. You must know that wellness coverage is not subject to waiting periods. Neither are there any deductible amounts or annual limits. The plans are usually added to the usual base insurance plans. They can enable you to give your pet regular and routine checkups to prevent any sudden medical emergency. These plans usually cover vaccinations during the first year.

Accident only plans

Apart from the wellness or preventive care pet insurance plans, pet insurance plans also include specific plans which include accidents only. You will realize there may be situations when your pet may be in good health but might get involved in accidents that require medical attention. In such cases, you can avail yourself of the accident-only pet insurance plans. These will not cover the costs for any illness but only the treatment costs for accidents. Your pet, in these cases, will not be covered for any illness-related bills.

Accident and illness coverage pet insurance plans

These pet insurance coverage policies cover vet bills for illnesses, including common diseases and accidents.

There are many ways to get discounts on your pet insurance. Some companies offer them just because you have more than one animal. Still, other offers depend upon what job position or military status they believe will qualify as “related” work-and. There’s no single answer for that! 

Some pet insurance companies offer to cover procedures like teeth cleaning, but not preventative care. Pets Best is one of these types that does provide coverage for dental injuries due in part to trauma caused by accidents or illness. However, you must know what your policy covers before undergoing any medical treatments!

The pet insurance industry is highly competitive, with many insurers offering coverage for pets. However- in general terms -only some types of injuries and illnesses will be covered by your plan when you enroll or purchase it after the waiting period following the passing of the enrolment. Because of this, you should get the pet insurance policy early so that these conditions do not set in.

To file a claim with most pet insurance providers, you will fill out an online form or mail. You also need to submit paperwork from your vet, who served as the determining factor for approving said invoice provided during the checkout process at the time of purchase. It includes information about what happened (e veterinary visit), how much it costs, and any medical expenses incurred since then! All these are ways in which you will be able to make a claim. For ensuring that the claim gets processed quickly, you should have everything well organized and how it is being sought.

Final Words On Best Cat Insurance Companies

Whether you are looking for cat insurance plans or pet insurance plans for other pets, you will realize we have covered the entire subject in great detail. We have shared the list of the top pet insurance companies, the type of pet insurance companies, and much more. We also have pointed out why you must have the right pet insurance plan, and if so, you need to avail of it early. Each of the companies and the pet insurance plans have its benefits and drawbacks. You have to decide on the pet insurance policy that meets your specific needs. 

Once you do this, we are sure you will definitely reap big benefits when the need arises. So, here is wishing you all the best for choosing the right pet insurance company and the pet insurance plan to meet your pet’s specific pet insurance needs.