Is insurance for cats really necessary? – A Detailed Guide

by Apr 17, 2022Insurance

Hello Readers, do you have a four-legged baby in your house? Since, you’re here reading this article you definitely have atleast one or you’re probably planning to get one. Isn’t it so? Well. Whether you already have them or planning to get them, there is one thing a pet owner must know.Especially if you have a cat, it’s essential to sign up for pet insurance for cats. Although it doesn’t seem to have much expenses but it can cost heavy on your pocket if your car falls ill or gets into an accident. 

Although cats can live longer it’s recommended to ensure insurance for cat when it’s young and healthy to assure covering expenses when needed. Every pet owner ensures insurance plan for their little ones.

Pet insurance have become a vital topic of discussion. Let’s take a look at all the details regarding insurance for cats in simple points. 

Insurance For Cats- All You Needs To Know

When it comes insurance, it has always been a serious topic of discussion among people whether it’s their health insurance, car insurance, home and what not. Everything that might cost a fortune requires insurance and that’s why it’s important to purchase a insurance for cat. 

According to several surveys, cat owners have to pay a good amount of money for several treatments for their little ones. The more the number of cats the more the expenses. Regardless the amount of money you have saved to pay for the veterinary cost, there is no guarantee that it will help. Having pet insurance for cats can help you save thousands of dollars.


Pet insurance for cats is similar to the health insurance for human, it covers all the medical expenses you might need if your pet falls ill or suffers from an injury. However, there are some extra restrictions on insurance for cats. 

Who Should Consider Pet Insurance?

Every household that has a pet should consider pet insurance. Especially if someone pets more than one cat, they should invest in pet insurance for cats. Cats are prone to suffer urinary obstruction that includes lab tests, medicines and surgeries. All these can cost upto $3000. There could be an emergency where the average veterinary cost can be around $1000 to $1500.

According to several surveys it has been shown that about 70% civilians don’t hold such as amount saved for emergencies, which can lead to major trouble. The veterinary bill can come as a shock and wave of stress if you are one of those 70% people. Your pet requires several things to survive and there is no certainty of time, if you have one or several pet cats it’s essential for you to consider pet insurance for cats to cover several things like emergency surgeries, injury from accident etc.

Pet emergency can worsen and become a long time expense if you don’t make the proper move on time. However, there are several conditions and information one must know about the insurance of cats. Here is what you need to know.

How To Buy Pet Insurance For Cats

Pet insurance for cats can cost based on the veterinary care they require and the treatment. For example an average veterinary care can cost about $200 for a cat which is not worth making an insurance for but the average annual cost of insurance for a cat can cost $300.

Although it looks expensive in the first place but you must consider the huge expenses you might have to pay without a pet insurance for cats. For example, diabetes treatment for a cat costs about $300 which will stay between $240-$360 per year if your car is diabetic. Moreover, emergency care services in case of accidents will cost around $1000, cancer will cost more than $5000,treating heartworm can cost you $400-$1000 and a torned ACL will cost upto $3000. 

If you look at the expenses individually these are quite not some small amounts that any family can afford immediately. However, cats are sensitive animals any delay in their treatment can cost their life. In such cases you need to find organizations that provides pet insurance for cats and go through their conditions, coverages and plans and choose the one you think is suitable for you and your little one. Average insurance for cats cost about $300-$350 annually which means $25-$30  per month. 

If you love your cat and want to secure a care unit for it, investing $25-$30 per month can not only save the innocent pet but will also help you to save a considerable amount of money. However, the policy cost differ based on the type of plan you choose, the coverages, breed, treatments etc.

Pet Ownership vs. Pet Insurance

In an American Pet Products Association (APPA) survey it has been showed that about 67% families have pets and 45% of them have cats as their pet. The rest have dogs, birds, fishes etc. By this survey it is visible that pet ownership is not at all something rare. However, what rare is the number of pet insurance compared to the number of pet ownership.

You will be shocked to know that the percentage of pet owners signed up for pet insurance for cats is not even 2%. According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) only 1.7% of 151million cats and dogs have insurances. It has nothing to debate over the neglected responsibility of securing the veterinary expenses.

What Does Pet Insurance Include?

Pet insurance for cats is the same as a health insurance for human. It includes expenses required for particular treatments, in case of emergencies, injuries, overall wellness care. Insurance for cats is a much better alternative and savior for pet owners as , veterinary expenses can be really costly at times which may look impossible for you to afford at once during an emergency. However, pet insurance for cats cover several types of treatments accordingly, here are few common plans included in insurance for cats:

Do Pet Emergencies Lead To Long-Term Expenses?

In terms of pet emergencies there can be high chances that the emergency might lead to a long term expense. It could be due to delay in treatment or sometimes health issues that strike suddenly and stay for the rest of their life such as diabetes. If your pet is young then the chances are high that they might get stuck in an emergency veterinary situation. As a pet owner you can have to pay a thick amount of money for your pet or pets which can go heavy on your pocket. It’s better to purchase pet insurance for cats to cover 70,80, 90 or even sometimes 100% of your veterinary bills.

What Is Covered By Cat Insurance?

Cat insurance covers several emergency, illness and disease treatments and all veterinary cares based on the coverage plan the insurer purchase such as –

Accident- only and accident and illness. It includes physical injuries, getting hit by a car, cuts, any illness, illness turned into long-term expenses, emergency veterinary care,wellness care etc.

Benefits Of Cat Health Insurance-

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the most preferable coverage plan for aged cats?

Most pet owners with an aged care prefer accident only insurance for cats.

2) How much does treatment for diabetes cost?

Diabetes treatment for cats might cost around $300 for the first visit and can cost about a total of $240-$360 per year.

3) How to choose the best insurance for cat?

It will be helpful if you discuss about the issues with the insurance provider to get advice on which coverage should be the best for you cat.

4) Is it mandatory to purchase pet insurance for cats?

Although there is no rule for purchasing an insurance for cat but if you look deep into the matter you’ll realise that it is one of the most vital things You can help your cat as well as yourself.

5) How much does a pet insurance for cats cost?

Pet insurance for cats might cost around $350 a year which is $25-$30 per month. However, there are levels of coverages and higher the level costlier the purchase.

Our Findings On The Topic Is Insurance For Cats Really Necessary?:

Pet insurance for cats seem to be an effective and helpful option for not only the pet but the pet owner as well. Going through all the points and looking at all the aspects of petting a cat it seems clear that an insurance for cat can help you in several ways. Keeping a pet can be costly if you want to give it the life they deserve, let aside the food, toys and other essentials you are paying for, no one is always prepared for emergencies.

According to surveys a minimum cost of emergency care can be around $1000. Keeping all the points in mind purchasing pet insurance for cats looks like the best option for pet owners with real evidences.