Are Cats Color Blind? – All You Needs To Know!

by May 25, 2022Health & Nutrition

It is not at all complicated to answer the question of whether all cats are color blind or not, as it’s a common trait seen in them. Cats may not be able to discern between colors as easily as you or I could, yet it doesn’t mean that they are totally blind. Traditionally, cats were said to have a dichromatic vision which was later found to be wrong, since they actually were trichromatic.

Are Cats Color Blind

What Is Color Blindness In Cats?

Color blindness is a familiar phenomenon found in both humans and cats, yet cats do not appear to grasp the full array of colors that humans can. This reduced foresight of color denotes color blindness in them. 

What Colors Do Cats See?

As per certain scientific research, a cat’s vision is narrowed to the hues of blue and green alone as their cones are more sensitive to blue and green wavelengths of light, and sometimes yellow too. They often confuse red and pink for blue, green, or yellow. Therefore, they are thought to be trichromats.

Are Cats Able To See In The Dark?

Not really. When explored, the cat’s eyes are better modified to see lower tincture of lights, but to confide with the truth, a cat can never see in clarity in undivided darkness. It is equally hard for them as it is for humans. Their night vision is helped by their 50% larger corneas and pupils, which let in more light than ours.

Colors To Consider For Cats

Without a doubt, certain colors are specifically pleasing to the eyes of a cat. Time and again, they are the tinges of blue, green, and yellow. Picking colors like red, orange, and pink would be a failure as the cats lack the ability to differentiate among them, under any lighting.

Effects Of Color Blindness

Since cats cannot undergo any tests to detect the extent of color blindness, it’s inflexible to discover the effect they may face. That being said, cat toys, beddings, and blankets often come in diversified shades yet, the cats don’t fail to play and have fun with them. Though they cannot differentiate between the colors, they still are able to see objects properly.

How Do We Know Cats Are Color Blind?

The indications that your cat has become visually weakened may be quite usual. They may, for instance, unknowingly crash upon particular objects or trip as it climbs. It stipulates specific colors are hard for their eyes to notice. That ultimately leads to the finding that your cat is color blind.

Treatment For Color Blindeness In Cats

Color blindness doesn’t need to be concerned about or treated as it is examined to be typical in cats. A cat’s life is not intervened by its limited access to vision. In case, if your cat is showing any sign of being absolutely blind, then an immediate measure should be taken. Also, make sure to keep the cat’s essentials in the same place and manage the time spent outdoors.

Final Words On Are Cats Color Blind

A cat is a small carnivorous mammal from the family Felidae who is more adapted to the night vision though they face color blindness. It is a common trait found in the whole species of cats and is recommended with no proper treatment since color blindness does not block a cat from living their daily life with pleasure. In order to make the life of your cat more enjoyable, choose toys, beddings, and blankets of colors having the hue of blue, green, and yellow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not. Though cats have developed their eyes to see in dark, they still cannot see better than that of the daytime.

Monochromatic are those who can only see black and white. As a cat’s eyes are capable of identifying colors from three different cone cells, they are often said to be trichromatic. Hence, not a monochromatic.

Yes. The cat eye might see visuals that are impossible for the human eye to capture. Thus, a study now suggests that a cat’s eye permit ultra violet transmission, unlike humans.

The rods in the eyes of cats’ aid in night vision and light sensitivity. This is why cats can see much better than humans in low or no light.

Cats are usually described as near-sighted as they can only see things sharply up to 20 feet and they are unable to focus on anything less than a foot in front of them.