10 Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy-Train Your Cat With The Best Health Tips And Helpful Tricks

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Cats are great companions to have. They can be with you for long hours and be not tired to spend some more time. Cats generally show immense love to their owners by way of purring, trilling, and meowing in different ways. They even lick their owners or even nibble them to show great affection. They just want you to treat them equally because cats aren’t like dogs. They must be treated equally like a human companion. When they show love to you that does mean that they are very much in love with you and would want you to keep them with you for as long as they’re alive. You’ll have an incredibly deep bond with your cat. They can literally bring happiness and joy to your home by their playful nature. Cats love to play a lot and they get bored very easily. Owners are expected to interact and play with them in order to kill their boredom. you as the owner of the cat should ensure their needs are met along with their good health. Health is really important for any animal. It’s the same in cats. You have to be very careful in taking care of their needs as they may be needing special care from time to time.  

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Cat Healthy - How To Keep Your Cat Healthy?

The main part of which is the eating habits of your pet. As a cat parent, you have been aware of the food they eat as well as how and when they eat it. You have to make sure they eat food that is high in protein and healthy at the same time. Food is the main factor that keeps your cats in good health. Regular exercise is a must for cats to prevent them from becoming obese. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for the well-being of your cat. A little too much care on your part would be enough to keep it healthy.

Here are a few ways to help you and your cat grow stronger together.


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1) Give Proper Food

As you already know, cats are highly obligate carnivores. Meaning the food they eat must contain at least 70% of meat. As they’re dependent very much on meat, it is obvious that they cannot be vegetarians. Their response would be positive to foods that are rich in amino acids and which contain fat. The fat content in food may grant a sufficient amount of energy they need. Serving them with similar foods which are also high in protein like seafood, poultries like chicken, and dairy products like cheese would make their day. Animal protein is the ideal diet for your cat. It is better to avoid processed food which can cause chronic inflammation. 

2) Avoid Toxic Foods

Cats are very curious creatures and often they tend to seek food that they see anywhere that might be a dangerous thing. You have to be alert all the time and keep an eye on them. Human food must be tasty but it isn’t necessarily healthy. It might be harmful and even deadly sometimes. Some of them can make your cat sick. There are a lot of food that is harmful to the felins which are:

It is not encouraged to feed your cat with the above-mentioned food. Table scraps might as well be harmful sometimes and the cat may have ended up in a disturbed tummy.

3) Don't Feed Too Much

Just like us humans, cats are in need of a healthy and balanced diet. overfeeding them results in obesity. Their moveability will eventually decrease and they will feel lethargic which eventually paves the way for many health issues and can even lead to death. Certain health issues like heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, breathing difficulties, etc are found in cats that are overweight. You must be very careful in giving your pets the adequate amount of food they actually need. It is your responsibility, as a cat parent, to take care of these little things for the longevity of your cat.

4) Schedule Excercise

The prime factor to consider in feline’s health is the daily exercise routine that will help them to keep their weight under control. This will definitely reduce the risk of health issues that cats can have otherwise. As cats are naturally very playful it may not be a difficult thing to make them do things regularly. You are encouraged to play with them using toys that they like. Keeping them entertained throughout the day will help reduce the chances of getting bored. A daily routine must be followed to ensure consistency. Playtime with your kitty can be entertaining for you as well. encourage lots of movement. make it fun and joyful.

5) Maintain A Healthy Weight For Your Cat

There is not an ideal weight for a cat, it varies according to the breed. But it is important to keep their weight under control in order to prevent them from getting multiple health diseases. Felines must not be too thin or too thick, a healthy feline falls in between. A proper diet plan which includes the high protein foods and not the toxic ones given at the right time at regular intervals along with a proportionate amount of exercise would help to maintain the desired weight. A balanced diet can give your cat his or her healthy years. Water intake is given much priority in this case just like humans. 


6) Proper Grooming

The time when the cat is at peace and calm is the best time to begin your grooming session. This session is meant to be enjoyed by you and your cat. Grooming must be added to the daily routine of your cat. Regularly brushing your cat helps to avoid the development of hairballs and also helps them glow throughout the day. You might want to use a softer brush to make your cat feel comfortable and relaxed. To keep your cat away from infections and diseases, bathing the cat daily is the better option. Redness or discharge from the ears has to be checked once in a while to give proper treatment at the earliest. Ear care is as important as any other. Furthermore, the Claws of cats can be infectious therefore proper clipping of the nails should be done. Give your cat a feeling of luxury every now and then which will make them realize their worth.

7) Take A Walk With Your Cat

Walking your cat is really good for its physical health as well as for its mental enrichment. Walking has a lot of benefits for your cat. It can be done as a regular exercise to maintain the weight, to enrich the mood and mental stability of the cat, and also you might be able to create a bond with your cat by walking through the streets giving him/her good company. Take your cat on a slow and joyful walk near your residential area. There are certain things you should take care of while going for a walk with your cat, it’s always preferred not to go too long. An identity tag will be needed in case the kitty goes missing. don’t forget to attach leashes and harnesses to the cat in which they’re most comfortable.

8) Provide A Comfortable Sleeping Area

Cats usually sleep a lot regardless of what time it is. Cats actually sleep for more than 16 hours a day and in some cases even more. They might tend to wake you up from your sleepover and above that. they are most comfortable in soft and fluffy beds. The bed must be portable so that whenever you and your kitty travel outside your home, you don’t have to search for a new bed for your cat. The kitty can feel at home in the same fluffy bed if you carry them with you. It can be kept anywhere, in the corner of your living room or in your bedroom. you should keep the water bowl for your cat near the sleeping area. you have to make sure that the bed is away from litter boxes and any kind of food. The bed and the atmosphere must be warm enough to get your cat a good night’s sleep or a good day’s whichever the cat likes. 

9) Get Your Cat Hydrated

Dehydration is common in humans and cats have no difference. Many medical concerns would arise if the water intake reduces. If your cat is having wet food then it’s not a necessity to drink more water because the food itself contains a high amount of water. But when it comes to dry food, there’s no water content. For that reason, it is essential to drink large amounts of water. A hot environment outside may lead to increased thirst. More active cats will get tired easily and may need more water. Considering these factors, It is your responsibility to provide an adequate amount of water to the kitty and ensure he/she drinks the same. Just don’t let your cat dehydrate!

10) Visit A Veterinarian

You must supervise your cat very closely and notice any kind of changes in attitude or behavior. A regular checkup must be followed in order to ensure the cat is in good health. You must visit a veterinarian every once in a while and do the checkups. If the cat shows any kind of behavioral changes like distress or a change in appetite, you must know that it’s a medical emergency and the time to visit a veterinarian for good.

What Is The Healthiest Food For A Cat To Eat?

There is a difference of opinions on cats’ food and health. Cats are in need of animal-based proteins. As mentioned earlier, cats are obligate carnivores wanting almost only food containing animal flesh. Dry foods are not to be given which may be high in Carbohydrates that are not needed for a cat’s diet. Here are some of the best foods for your cat.

1) Meat:

Simply put, meat is the main food of cats. cats are natural consumers of meat. They need the proteins that are available in the meat. A healthy cat will be a meat-eating cat. Cooked meat is a great food for a cat to have rather than uncooked.

2) Fish:

Fish has high protein content. The quality of the fish must be put to check. Like meat, fish should also be cooked and it is not to be given as raw as the chances of getting sick are high. You must also check if your cat is having any kind of allergic issues while consuming seafood in view of the fact that many cats have shown the same symptoms.

3) Carrots:

Although the cats are not vegetarians, cooked carrots can act as a healthy snack meal. it is better to avoid raw ones because the chances of getting choked are high. 

4) Eggs:

Like meat and seafood, eggs are rich in protein. Cooked eggs are the best. Avoid the raw ones.

5) Blueberries:

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. It acts as a boost for the cat’s health. 

There are many health as well as unhealthy foods to choose from a plethora of cat food. All you have to do is to research thoroughly and choose wisely. You don’t want to make any mistakes.

What Symptoms Do You Look For In A Sick Cat?

The cat is yours! nobody else would know your cat as you do. You may be able to spot any sudden changes in your kitty real quick and act accordingly. There may be certain symptoms the cats show when they get sick.

1) Change in appetite:

If you notice any changes in the appetite of your cat, then you should be aware that it must be the beginning of a medical concern. It can be reduced appetite or increased, either way, it actually should be of concern for you.

2) Sudden changes in mood:

Your cat may experience mood swings mainly because of any underlying health issue. The sudden changes in the mood of your cat should never be ignored. Visiting a veterinarian would help.

3) Breathing problems:

It might be of serious concern when it involves issues in breathing. It may occur because of any specific medical conditions that the cat has and must be treated properly.

4) Rapid weight loss or weight gain:

Diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer, and some bowel diseases can alter the weight of the cat immensely. This is an early symptom to look for and it will be really difficult to find the change because you see your cat every day. Being conscious all the time is the key. 

5) Discharge from ears, eyes, and nose:

It is caused by an infection that occurs in your cat. It can be treated effectively after proper care.

5) Skin irritation:

They’ll be having many kinds of skin irritations ranging from hair loss to rashes on the skin. Itchy skin is common in cats. To avoid these, bathing can help remove any infections and also freshen up their skin. 

6) Bad breath:

Poor oral hygiene and some kind of ulcers may result in bad breath in cats which are treated very easily if found at the earliest.

7) Inappropriate use of litter box:

This may be because of any illness in your cat. Your cat may be having a urinary tract infection or bladder stones or blockage.

8) Being less active:

The obvious reason might be the fever that your cat is having. That may be the reason for the lethargy or the reduced movement. 

9) Vomiting:

Your cat might be having an upset stomach which resulted from any kind of food allergies. 

Final Verdict On 10 Ways To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Felines are friendly and incredibly intelligent creatures, they’re so affectionate towards their owners and will always be by their side. Their health is very important because it decides whether they get to stay alive healthy for a longer period or not. Not only the pet’s health but also interacting with an animal result in lower blood pressure in humans. It is better than any medication to lower your stress levels. A cat can make you calm and can make you feel at peace. A good physical checkup is essential at least once a year. In addition, cleanliness is an integral part of a cat’s daily life. Always keep their litter box clean to ensure that there is no inappropriate disposal in your home. Keep your cat indoors as long as you can, these curious creatures can do mischievous activities which can make you amazed. Providing the best care for your feline friend is all that you need to do. A little more attention from your side can assure your cat’s health for a longer period of time. Taking care of all of the above-mentioned things can help improve your cat’s health. 



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