Pawsome Cat Harness For Your Feline Buddy To Flaunt!

by Jan 26, 2021Cat care essentials

To keep your feline mate from harm’s way, you must choose a good harness. Cats can be more prone to indoors, but as much as you need a workout, so do your paw buddies need their share of sweat. Taking your cat outside for a walk can be a tricky business if you do not have the proper harness.

Best Cat Harness For Your Feline Buddy To Flaunt In 2021

Cats are quick animals and so they do get out of all kinds of danger within seconds. But it is necessary that you still keep them safe before they fall into a pit, literally!

Finding the purrfect cat harness can be a task. There are lots of factors to be taken care of with regards to the type of vest, what’s comfortable for your cat and what sort of a climate you live in. 

So given below is the best cat harness in the market that you can choose for your feline to enjoy a good stroll.

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

Kitty holster car harness

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Supet Cat Harness and Leash

Supet Cat Harness and Leash

BINGPET Cat Harness with Leash Escape Proof

Travel Cat: The True Adventurer

Necoichi Ninja Cat Harness

TOULIFLY Cat Harness

TOULIFLY Cat Harness

Pawsome Cat Harness For Your Feline Buddy

Imagine having the most comfortable harness to ensure your cat’s safe mobility. Check out our best cat harness selection for 2021 that will keep your pawmate protected while on the go!

What’s important is that your harness fits well on your cat. Pupteck designs its harness with this in mind. They use comfortable and breathable mesh material that can be used in any weather. They come in a wrap-around vest style, so it is easy to put on and remove creating a non-hassle experience for you and your cat.

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

It comes with a double D ring to attach the leash as well as a velcro closure around the chest. A plastic closure is attached towards the neck area to easily outfit your cat. 

Special features - 
  • Comes in various sizes including small, medium, large, and x-large.
  •  The velcro belt in the chest area can be adjusted according to the width of your cat.
  • 150cm Neylon Pupteck leash that can be attached to heavy D rings that help you take your cat on walking, jogging, or even hiking.
  • If your cat pulls a lot during your walk, the vest is designed with pressure proportioned in equal ways so your cat wouldn’t be injured due to the harness.

An ultra-soft and light-weight material are used to make these cat harnesses. They have an undyed cotton lining that is extremely useful if your cat has sensitive skin or some allergic skin condition. They come in various sizes including XS, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Kitty holster car harness

You can use the harness in any climate as it is compatible in all seasons. They come in colors that are visible both during the day as well as night. 

Special features - 
  • One of the primary features is that Kitty Holster harnesses are washable. You can wash them in your machine and there won’t be any kind of damage.
  • They have an undyed cotton lining that is irritant free protecting your cat from any kinds of rashes or allergies.
  • They do not have any plastic clips or thin nylon straps that could otherwise cause some kind of irritating feeling for your cat.

This cat vest harness is designed with super comfortable material that does not cause any kind of harm or injury to your feline mate. With a breathable air-mesh and adjustable harness, you can easily put it on as well as remove it with no trouble. It comes with 2 sides buckled that ensures secure closure for your cat.

They come in various sizes including X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large as well as a variety of colors you can pick from.

Supet Cat Harness and Leash
Special features - 
  • Designed with reflective stripes that will help you keep an eye on your pet even in the dark.
  • Better control and security with the buckles and leash that helps your cat step away from danger.
  • They provide a size guide that helps you chose the perfect fit for your cat buddy.

If you are looking for something cute and comfy for your cat, this is the harness for you, or more like your cat. This pink colored strawberry designed harness comes in a soft and breathable air-mesh material and a 360-degree moveable leash hook. It also has buckles that can be easily clipped on with no hassle making it easy for you and your feline kid.

With a Double D ring that you can hook your leash into, there is no way your cat is going to figure a way to escape.

They come in a medium-size and the size guide is given along with the product.

Special features - 
  • Come in cute colors and designs.
  • A 360-degree metal hook for the leash.
  • Adjustable slider to make your cat comfortable.

Is your cat a travel freak like you? Well here’s the purr-fect cat harness made of nylon mesh, designed light-weight and durable with strong buckles that makes sure your cat is safe. It comes in four colors to match your feline’s pawsome personality. The size guide is given and the harness comes in different sizes. They also have reflective strips designed on them to be visible both in the daylight as well as night time.

Special features - 
  • Comes with a 4ft strong leash
  • Designed with sturdy snap clips

Necoichi’s Ninja Cat Harness is designed with the popular Japanese Arabesque pattern in mind. It comes with a cute ribbon bow and a gold coin attached to it. If your cat is a ninja and might as well summersault if not protected with a harness, this one is for you. It wraps around the cat’s chest and so there is no worry of the leash getting stuck in your cat’s legs.

Ninja Cat Harness
Special features - 
  • A gold coin charm and decorative ribbon that beautifies the collar of the vest.
  • Durable and artistic material that is lightweight and breathable.
  • Size can be easily adjusted using the velcro belt behind it.

How about a cat harness that your feline mate would love to snuggle in? The TOULIFLY cat harness is made of a comfortable and soft material that your fur kid would love like no other. It is suitable for any kind of outdoor recreations and you need not worry about your cat escaping thanks to the escape-proof design of the harness. A slight drawback for this harness is that it can be suitable for kittens as there are only two sizes that are XS and S.

TOULIFLY Cat Harness
Special features - 
  • Safer and better control thanks to the amazing escape-proof design
  • Very comfortable material used giving your cat a cozy and warm feeling.

Types of Cat Harness

Finding a perfect harness can only be sorted if you have adequate knowledge about the various types of harnesses in the market. There are mainly three types of harnesses that are available at present.

Just as the name is, these harnesses are H-shaped. These harnesses need not be put through their head and most cats are fond of these as they have less contact compared to other harnesses. They are easy to put but have limited focus on the pressure points especially when they are moving fast.

H harness

These are designed in the form of a vest and are most popular among the cat community. They are made of comfortable and breathable air-mesh material and hence can be cozy for your cat. They come with easy to put on buckles normally and hence there is no fuss for you or your feline mate. The pressure points are evenly spread out and hence your cat is comparatively safer from any kinds of injuries.

 If you are looking for a fully enclosed and escape-proof harness, the jacket harness also called butterfly harness would be apt for your paw mate. They are easy to wear and come in various sizes and are made of comfortable fabric keeping your cat away from any irritating rashes.

What To Look Into Before Buying a Cat Harness?

There are various other factors to look into before buying a harness. We’ve already discussed the types above. Let’s explore some more areas you need to think about before choosing the perfect harness for your paw mate.

Benefits of Wearing a Cat Harness

It is the safest option available for you if you plan on taking your paw mate on a stroll. The harness helps your cat stay away from any sort of danger on the roads or in the woods. You also get to supervise your feline kid and keep him or her within your sight.

They are better than a leash and collar, as there are chances for the collar to choke your cat. In the case of a harness, there is no such worry and you can protect your cat.

They normally come in breathable and comfortable material, hence making your cat have a pawsome and adventurous experience in the outdoors. They are safer from any sort of rashes or bruises when using a harness.

How To Wear a Cat Harness?

It isn’t easy to get your cat into a harness and you need a little more than patience to get your cat to put on the harness. Following these steps may ease the process and your cat may enjoy the harness experience.

Get your cat to be familiar with the harness. Place it somewhere around your cat’s usual spot. It could be somewhere they are used to playing, taking their catnap, or maybe near their feeding bowl. This way they will get used to its scent. Cat’s can easily get scared of new things, people, and even noises. Hence this step is very important. It becomes a lot easier when they are kittens. It is okay if they are older as well, you just need to give them a little more time to acquaint themselves with the harness.

Once they are used to it, try to slip it through their head or on their back. Depending upon the type of harness, the style of wearing it varies. If you have an H type harness, you can wear it through their head and buckle them up. If it is a vest type harness, you can put it on their back and slide the buckled below on their stomach and wrap it with the velcros on either side.

Let's Conclude:

Initially, it is best you walk your cat inside your home and within their comfort spaces. Do not take them on long strolls as your cat may get tired and not enjoy the harness. Give them time and space and do not pull on the leash too often. Sometimes you have to let your cat be the guide and take you around. 

Do not tighten the harness with the hope of keeping your cat protected. There can be chances it injures your fur kid. 

It is best you do all sorts of research before you figure out the best harness for your pet. Cats can be as adventurous and outgoing as dogs and other animals. Hence it is only fair they enjoy the outdoors and explore. Using a harness is not to keep your fur mate in your control, but moreover for them to be safe and away from any kind of threat. 

The type of harness, material, size, durability, and many other factors do matter in the case of your cat and what’s most important is that your cat enjoys a comfortable and purrfect harness!