Breed Overview


  • Other Names –  American Forest Cat, American long hair, American Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Coon Cat, Maine Shag
  • Scientific Name – Felis catus
  • Weight – 3.6 – 8.2 kg
  • Length –   48 to100 cm
  • Coat – Solid color, smoke, tabby or dual-colored
  • Eye Colour – Blue, Gold, Green,  or multi-colored-eye (blue, with gold or green)
  • Coat Colour – Black, white, ginger, grey, cream, and 85+ various other coat colors combinations.
  • Nature – loyal, Cautious, independent
  • Life-Expectancy – 12.5 years
  • Cost –$400- $1500


Maine coons are the largest home cats that are very friendly. There is no solid evidence about Maine Coon’s ancestral origin although there are a few tales about it. One story relates to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, before her execution in 1793. It was told that she, along with Captain Samuel tried to leave France with her most prized assets loaded into a vessel. Some of her favorites were assumed to be 6 of her Turkish Angora cats or Siberian cats. Marie did not reach the United States but her pets did reach Wiscasset Maine and were shortbread with other breeds there. That’s how Maine Coon was developed.

Even though they have a thick tail similar to that of a raccoon, they are not crossbred cats with raccoons.  The only resemblance is the Coon part of the name. Those Maine Coons without Brown Coats were called Brown shags

Daily Routine


Provide Nutritious foods for your Maine cat


Groom them regularly especially by brushing their coat


Play with your Maine coon and never let them feel lonely


Provide them lots of water


  • Adaptability
  • Affection Level
  • Child Friendly
  • Shedding
  • Socialising
  • Playfulness
  • Grooming

Food Favorites to Munch









Food to Steer Away From


Dairy products


Onions/ garlic




Sugary products and chocolate


Raw eggs and raw meat


Grapes, Avocado, and raisins


The Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cats that socialize and are friendly enough, and that’s why they have a nickname called “The Gentle Giant”
It’s very important to Maintain the Maine Coons Diet well and mixing dry food with the wet ones twice or thrice a week will be perfect.
Stewie was a purebred Maine coon that earned a Guinness world record in 2010 for being the longest domestic cat that was 123 cm long(from nose to tail tip). After its death, Ludo was the living cat that had a Guinness world record for the longest cat with 118.33 cms in length. Till 2018, Barivel was considered the largest cat that was 120 cm long.
Maine coons are very playful where females are considered more dignified, and males are not having any such behavioral resemblance. Both are very affectionate and apt for keeping as pets.
Maine Coons are known to make loud noises of different tones and types. They are famous and known as vocal cats. They chirp, howl, and make many other unique sounds.
If you live in a place where you are surrounded by snow, then that would be the perfect place for a Maine coon to adapt quickly. They have thicker fur all over their body and can easily adapt to a sudden winter switch. They have longer fur that allows them to resist dense water. Thus they are protected from snow especially when they walk or sit on cold surfaces.
There is a peculiar thing about Maine Coons tail. They are thicker and longer and can resist sinking in the snow. They can curl around their face and shoulders from scorching windblown and snow.
Their paws are larger and thicker and are considered snowshoes. It helps them walk through snow effortlessly. Long fur keeps their toes warm and protects them from extreme weather conditions.
Maine Coons are very happy if you left them with plenty of water. Their personality comes from their ancestors and that’s what people have been commenting about their traits.


The first story published about the Maine Coon breed was from 1861. It was about a coon cat named Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines.

Genetics has no role in the color of their coat. It is sensitive to the temperature and the spottings that appear after their birth according to the climate they are born in.

The 5th cat registered when the Cat Fanciers Associations introduced in 1908 was a cat named Molly Bond.

5 decades took away the popularity of Maine Coon after Persian and Siamese were the demanded exotics.

Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was set up in the 1960s

It is considered as the Maine states official state cats

Maine Cat has played the role of Argus Flinch’s pet in Harry Potter and you will be able to spot a few scenes of the cat walking through the Hogwarts

About Maine coon


Main Coons are large affectionate domestic cat breeds suited for families who are having kids and other pets and are looking for a more interactive and gentle cat. They are very intelligent and friendly cats known as the gentlest of all the cats. They also get along with dogs, kittens, adult cats, and children can also cuddle them like their own. Maine coons are natural breeds although there are various assumptions about their origin.

Being a cat bred from Maine, The Maine Coon cats were known by several names like farm cat, mouser, and ships cat in the 19th century. People said that the Vikings brought the Coons to North America, way before Columbus had sailed through the undiscovered blue oceans. But people mostly like to believe that these cats belonged to Marie Antoinette of France who tried escaping to America.  Maine Coons were also commonly seen in cat shows in the 18th century. If you have a misconception that Maine coons are a result of a raccoon and a  cat, then that is not what it’s like although it has a thick and raccoon-like tail that’s long enough.



Maine Coons like to be around people and they follow around family members they are affectionate about. Even if you are a binge-watcher, you can find your Maine Kitty sitting beside you. They are not very needy and are not your regular lap cat. Since they are born hunters, rodents will not come anywhere near your house. Maine Coons are having a robust bone structure and a triangular shape around their chest. They have a double-layered coat with thick hair. These kitties are easy to train and you won’t have any trouble handling them.  These are well-mannered and good-natured cats that can easily adapt to many lifestyles. Even when they grow old, they play like kittens, especially male cats. Challenging games and tricks are played by these cats but females are dignified.


Quick Facts

  • Their thick furry tail resembles that of a raccoon
  • They were believed to be sacred by the people of Siam.
  • They are naturally playful and talkative.
  • All Siamese kittens are born with a white coat.



Maine Coons have long silky hair and combing it twice a week will be perfect for avoiding any hair to be dead. To maintain their coat hair, you need to carry a  stainless steel comb that would help in fixing tangled and dead hair. Be gentle when you try to clean around their tail and belly area.  Since they have lots of furs, make sure you use a baby wipe to clean some poop that might be stuck to the fur. Bathe your Maine kitty when they look greasy.

Make sure you brush their teeth daily or at least weekly and this could help them stay away from periodontal disease. You also have to take care of their nails by cutting them once in 2 weeks. Since kittens might have a discharge around their eye, make sure you clean them up with a soft cloth on a regular basis. This will avoid any risk of spreading the disease. Look if the ears are clean and on a weekly basis, wipe them with a cotton ball or a soft and moist cloth. Cotton Swabs are risky and might cause any mishap. So avoid using it. Maine Coons are very cautious about a clean litter box and you must maintain the cleanliness. Having 2 litter boxes would be a better decision. Avoid leaving your pet outdoor as people might steal away or stray cats might enter a fight with your pet and might spread any disease.


Daily Routine

Maine coons don’t require any special exercise needs and have the same activity schedule as many other cats, They are fond of sleeping longer hours and would love to jump and run around in the house when they are awake. Having trees and toys at home would keep them full of energy and playful than their usual routine of sleeping. These easily trainable cats are intelligent.

  • Feeding nutritious food: Maine coons are large and active pets and you shouldn’t skip feeding them nutritious foods. Feeding them with kibbles, which are dry food will be great, and adding some wet food along with it will provide the essential nutrition their body needs.  Some prefer giving only the wet food as it has more delight. Breaking down the meals to feed them at different times will also be fine if your naughty Maine has been eating more and way too fast. Their food must contain 52% protein and 35% foods with a moderate amount of fat. Keep away from carbs or provide very low amounts.
  • Clean Water: Maine coons love drinking water. So make sure you feed them clean water at home and also take them to places where there is clean water availability.
  • Litter box: Since Coons are the largest domestic cats in the world, you need to carry a larger litter box at home so that they get enough space to bury their excretion. Having 2 litter boxes is also recommended so that you won’t have to clean your cat’s poop from elsewhere.
  • Active: Keep your Maine baby active and having a tree castle or a mini treehouse would be fine. Spend at least 15 minutes every day with your pet and that would keep them happy. Whether you choose a wand with tassels, a laser, or a fetching game, Coon would love them all. Limit the outside contact to avoid any territorial catfight, speeding cars, or rat poison.


Do’s And Don’ts Of Diet Plans/ Ideal Food For your Paw Friend

Maine Coon kittens must eat at least 45 % of protein-rich food and adult cats must have a maximum of around 40% proteins. Based on the life stages and pregnancy, these levels are to be reconsidered. Cats must be provided with Vitamin A, D, B6, and much more. Kibbles are  Maine Coons favorite meals and an important part of their diet. They stay fresh than canned or other wet foods. Having Kibble would be a better choice to keep your Maine coons gut healthy and avoid any dental risk in the future. 


Adding the dry food diet alone would be unpleasant. So mix wet food and dry food and that would be a better solution to balance the amount of protein intake. Make sure you avoid dairy products, chocolate,  raw eggs, cat treats, grapes, raisins, caffeinated products, and fizzy products.

Having a  huge interactive cat at home would be similar to having a lion that’s friendly to all the members of the family. Maine Coons are very calm and friendly and will keep following you and stay near you. They are very affectionate and do not behave wildly against you. Maine Coons are patient and can wait for you to open the door again at them. If you could provide the healthiest foods to them, you can help them grow bigger when they are  3 to 5 years old. If you are looking for a large domestic cat that can love the members and also hunt the mice from damaging your personal belongings, then this cat will be an ideal solution to your cat requirements.
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