🤔 Can Cats Eat Mango? – All You Need to Know!

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Many people enjoy mangoes and other fruits, and why not? They’re healthy, delicious, and packed with nutrients. Fruits are the main part of any person’s diet (or they should be!), but cats don’t necessarily need fruit for nutrition. So when you’re cutting up that mango, I bet you’re wondering if cats can eat mango too.

Can Cats Eat Mango?

You might be curious as to why we’re focusing specifically on mangoes here. To be honest, this is the fruit most of us aren’t sure about. They’re a little more exotic than melons, for instance, so we know a little less about them. Fear not, however, if you give you cat little pieces of mango, they’ll be fine. A small chunk every now and again is perfectly ok, but they can’t have a lot.

Cat’s digestive systems can’t handle fruits in large quantities since cats are considered pure carnivores, meaning that they don’t need vegetables or fruits in their diets at all. Those of you broccoli haters out there might be wishing you were a cat right now! Sadly if cats have too much mango, they can get an upset stomach and diarrhea. You can still give out small pieces of mango as replacements for high-calorie treats to balance out your cat’s diet, but there’s no need to go overboard.

Why Give My Cat Mango?

After hearing about the fact that cats don’t need mango in their diet to get nutrients, why would you still give them any?

Well, mangoes have a lot of nutrients in them, including Vitamins C, A, and B-6. Cats normally make Vitamin C themselves and don’t need a lot of fiber, but they do need vitamin A and B-6.

Vitamin A will support a healthy immune system, so cats prone to illness might benefit the most from small quantities. Vitamin B-6 helps with bodily functions such as absorption of protein and fat. With a cat’s diet usually based completely around meats, a little mango, and B-6 to help absorb all that really helps. Beyond that, low-calorie mango treats can control a cat’s weight while still letting them know how much you love them.

Fruits Cats Can Eat

If your cat doesn’t like mango or other fruits, that’s actually fairly normal. Cats don’t usually like fruits because they lack the necessary receptors for sweetness. Many cats do like these fruits as treats, though, and since you know mangoes are now ok, you’re no doubt wondering if your cat can eat other types of fruits too.


Ever Had a Kiwi?

Kiwis are another fruit that many people ask about. They’re a little exotic, and many people haven’t actually had one themselves, but get a little adventurous and try a piece. Your cat can eat kiwis too in small chunks, just like mangoes. Too many kiwi pieces can cause diarrhea. A few slices or cubes should be fine, though, and even good for your cat. The kiwi has lots of vitamin K to help the liver and keep your cat in tip-top shape.

Melon Mayhem

Ok, so maybe we shouldn’t say “mayhem” since melons are perfectly fine for your cats. A lot of cats go nuts for a good cantaloupe or other melons, so cut off a few small squares when you’re slicing one up. Just remember to remove the rinds and seeds and give those vegetables a good wash before feeding them to your kitty.

Fun Fruits

We won’t bore you with details on every single little fruit out there that your cat can eat, but a shortlist does wonder. Many people say their cat goes crazy for apples, also mentioning bananas, pears, pineapples, apricots, blueberries, and watermelon. One woman said how she couldn’t even eat an apple without her kitty nosing his way in. Here’s a word of caution, though: only introduce one fruit treat at a time. Changing your cat’s diet suddenly can give your cat an upset stomach, and you never want to give your guy or gal too much at once. Giving them one type of fruit at a time can help you isolate any issues before they become serious.

Dangerous Fruits (Stay Away!)

Just because you like a certain fruit doesn’t mean your cat can eat it. Thanks to the fact that cats don’t have receptors for sweetness, they won’t often just jump up and harass you for your strawberries or mangoes, but there are still fruits you need to be careful of. Grapes should always be avoided since they cause kidney damage and can be deadly. Raisins are a bad choice too. The essential oils in citrus fruits are also toxic to cats, so don’t bother them with any oranges or lemons. My cat actually runs away when he smells oranges, so I at least don’t have to worry about her there.


We wanted to know what fruits cats can eat or if they can eat any at all. Most people had questions about mangoes, but it’s good to know that mangoes and other fruits are perfectly fine in small doses. Give your cat something a little sweet as a low-calorie reward every now and again. Keep an eye out for those dangerous fruits, and your cat will be running to you just to get a taste.

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